What You Should Know About Rose Fertilizer

What You Should Know About Rose Fertilizer

Do you love the smell of roses blooming in your garden? Have you ever wondered how to grow bigger, brighter blossoms that your neighbors will admire from afar? For over 20 years, we have helped gardening enthusiasts, commercial growers and plant brokers provide premium nutrition for their plants. If you are not sure whether you want to use rose fertilizer in your garden, here are three benefits to consider for your plants.

Large, Healthy Blossoms

Whether you are growing roses for your own personal enjoyment or entering a floral exhibition, beauty is often associated with size. As a matter of fact, a single rose with a large, colorful blossom can have a greater impact than a dozen smaller roses. To get the same oversized elegance from your bushes, use our slow-release plant food as directed throughout the season.

Fast Growth and Development

For those who would like their roses to bloom faster, BGI rose fertilizer encourages rapid growth and optimal nutrition. If you would like to enjoy your rose bushes even longer this year, start fertilizing early on. For climbing roses, swift development is crucial to the natural, flowing appearance of the blossoms. Like ivy, they enhance the exterior of a garden trellis or home, but require significant nutrients and guidance.

Strong, Supportive Stems

Another benefit of BGI fertilizers is that your flowers will have strong, flexible stems. Aside from the roots, this is arguably the most important part of the rose for long-term health and stability. While it is possible to grow roses with thin, delicate stems, you ultimately want to establish a solid pathway for nutrients to reach each part of the plant.

More Than One Use

Finally, BGI understands the demand for versatile products in the gardening community. That is why we have designed our fertilizers to encompass many different types of plants. For example, you can successfully use the same fertilizer for English roses, hybrids and miniature roses. On the other hand, perennials and annuals will experience growth with this fertilizer as well, making it easier to care for several distinct plant species. This eliminates the need to buy an array of expensive fertilizers, making efficient use of both gardening time and money.

When it comes to tending your leafy charges and maintaining the natural appeal of your garden, BGI is a leading provider of rose fertilizer and other specially formulated products. Locate a retailer in your area or use our simple online form to contact us today. For more information about rose fertilizer contact BGI at (561) 374-9216.