Beginner’s Guide To Orchid Care

Beginner’s Guide To Orchid Care

Orchids are beautiful flowers and there are more than 25,00 different species of orchids, so that’s why learning orchid care from the Bougainvillea Growers International is vital, especially for beginners who have never grown them. However, the most popular type of orchid that is usually sold are the Phalaenopsis, but other species that are popping up for sale include Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, and Oncidium.

How to Water During Orchid Care

When it comes to keeping an orchid watered, it is a different procedure than watering a regular plant. Once a week you should actually flood your orchid with lots of water so that it runs right through the pot. That’s because orchids come in growing in mixes that free drain. After a few minutes, do this again. Be sure to only water once a week.

However, some types require different watering schedule, i.e. Cymbidum needs to be kept moist but not soggy all the time, and Cattleya should be allowed to dry out in-between watering. The best idea is to talk to the place you bought your orchid and find out its specific needs for water, sun and fertilizers.

Fertilize Orchids Weekly with Weak Fertilizer

Orchids also only need to be fertilized once a week by using a balanced and complete weak fertilizer mixture during your orchid care routine. They are actually air plants and need a source of oxygen for their roots to grow properly. They should also be repotted at least every two years, especially if they lose their blooms. Some people believe repotting every year is best for their continued growth and good health.

Make Sure Orchids Get Proper Amount of Light

You also need to make sure your orchid gets the right amount of sunlight, depending on the variety. Some types need more sunlight than others. If the leaves are bright green, it means they are getting enough, while dark green means not enough and red-green means it has gotten too much light. Black spots on the leaves are another indicator you orchid is getting too much sun, so be sure to appropriately do your orchid care.

Bougainvillea Growers International Are Experts in Plant Care

If you want the best possible information on orchid care, turn to Bourgainvillea Growers International, which began in 1994. It has experience in developing all kinds of fertilizer products on its more than 67 acres, and supplies special fertilizers for plants like orchids to customers all over the world.