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SUPERGAIN® Plant Food Supplement

Premium Plant Performance Activator

SUPERGAIN® Plant Food Supplement

Organic premium plant performance activator that enhances physiological capabilities like root development, flowering, chlorophyll production, disease resistance, salt tolerance, etc. Brought to the consumer through 21st century Gene chip technology, bioinformatics and the ability to measure biological activity on a molecular level Contains over 400 plant-derived nutritional substances that activate as they become needed by your plant.

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5 Fertilizing Mistakes that Kill Your Plants

Fertilizers are great at improving the quality of your garden soil as well as your plant growth. However, if you aren’t careful, it could also deal extensive damage to your plants. Here are some of the top fertilizing mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. Not choosing the right kind of fertilizer. Finding the right fertilizer for your garden or lawn is essential to your plant’s growth. That’s mostly because the wrong choice could doom your plants or trees to a fruitless or flowerless state. It could also kill off your plants. So don’t randomly pick out a fertilizer before you’ve even had a chance to do a thorough research on the plants you had in mind, particularly on which fertilizers they work with the best. For instance, if you’re working with young plants, it’s best to use water soluble or liquid fertilizers since the plants can’t process granular fertilizers all that well yet.
  2. Not testing the soil, says Family Handyman. So you did your homework—researched on the plants you want to grow until you have intimate knowledge of each one. However, if you failed to test your soil, then all that hard work could go out the window in an instant. Being careless when you apply the plant fertilizers. Never apply fertilizer near wetlands and rivers. Stay away from streams, lakes and ponds too. Fertilizers can do harm to the environment if you aren’t careful. So use it responsibly.
  3. Overdoing it. Applying too much fertilizer could lead to fertilizer burn. It could also derail your plant’s growth and even cause them to grow fruitless or flowerless. utting your plants at risk. Guess how much fertilizer you need. The big advantage to using chemical fertilizers is that you get to have an accurate combination of all the nutrients you need. So if you’re winging it, then that’s going to affect your plant’s growth in a bad way. Chosing a species specific blend will make your fertilizer choice an easy one.
  4. So don’t let fertilizing mistakes mess with your plants. Be mindful. Start by following these tips. For more details on fertilizers, contact us at Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI) Fertilizers!