Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts

All I see is green! Just kidding, I actually see a full range of colors, but this week, green is popping up everywhere!

Cabbage, shamrocks, even the sticky notes on my desk right now are green (pure coincidence,) it was only right that we compiled a list of some pretty cool projects for Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s a known fact* that if you like to garden, you definitely like crafts! And I personally could not miss an opportunity to bust out my hot glue gun. *an alternative fact, created by me

Let’s begin!

Rainbow Shamrocks

Creating these beauties is way easier than you think!

All you’ll need to grab is some construction paper, scissors, stapler, glue (gun is fine!) and buttons for the center. That’s it! For easy-peasy folding instructions, head over to our friends at

Great for a little hanging color outside, or party decorations inside

Joke Teller

If you can’t tell, I got jokes. And I love givin’ them away! This Saint Patrick’s Day, be the life of the party with a leprechaun-themed joke teller! Suitable for kids AND adults (depending on the joke!)

For this one, you’ll need blank paper, markers and scissors. OR, if you have access to a printer, you’ll need blank paper, a printer, and scissors – a Saint Patrick’s Joke Teller template can be found over at!

Joe: Why shouldn’t you iron a four-leaf clover?
Bob: Tell me.
Joe: You might press your luck!

Green Velvet Cupcakes!

I don’t think this is a “craft” technically, but it does take TLC (and sugar) to make AND they’re green, so added to this list it goes!

Green velvet cupcakes are a lot like (stop me if you’ve heard this one) red velvet. It’s basically chocolate with food coloring. Yummy & fun! Garnish and Glaze have come up with a recipe I could eat all year (but won’t, for the sake of my waistline.) If you’re ready to splurge – dive into the green velvet cupcake!