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  • Earth Friendly

    Species specific fertilizers help to reduce over or under fertilization, which helps to reduce runoff of excess nutrients.

  • Scientifically Formulated

    Each and every formula we send to market is researched and developed by commercial growers and land grant universities through years of trial and error.

  • Species Specific

    There are at least 17 elements known to be essential to plant health, but not every plant requires the same amount of these elements. When using species specific fertilizers, you are ensuring your plant has exactly the amount of nutrients it needs.

  • Premium Performance

    Commercial growers rely on the best quality of formulations to achieve maximum growth and yield from their plants. Why shouldn’t you, too?

Latest News from The Learning Garden

“I got almost three dozen lemons after using Citrusgain! I’m a believer!”

Home Depot, May 2017.

“Bougain works like magic!”

Amazon.com, August 2016.

“Grow & Gain will blow your mind! Sit back, fasten your seat belt and watch your plants and vegetables go absolutely nuts for this stuff!”

Amazon.com, March 2017.

Hibisgain is the difference between getting a small bloom and one that can stop traffic!”

Amazon.com, February 2018.