November is ending, the holidays are upon us. For most of us we take this time to reflect on the year coming to an end and the one about to unfold.  Gratitude is the word that most often comes to mind at this time of the year. For many it is just a synonym for “thanks”.  For me the meaning is deeper, it represents profound love and respect for each other and the planet, and knowledge that we are all interconnected. The need to share joy goes beyond my close family and friends, I wish for everyone to experience the freedom of being open for new experiences and opportunities.

In my role as GM I share in the successes and failures of my co-workers daily.  I see each challenge as an “opportunity” to grow.  I spread joy by seeing the gift in the smallest achievements and helping our employees to do the same.  I have the incredible fortune to help create beauty every day. I can’t think of a better way to participate in the world around us. I work every day to find new ways to make this a reality for all of our current and potential customers. Ultimately a beautiful flower or a delicious meal from your garden made bigger brighter or healthier by one of our products is how we spread joy. I wake excited every day to go to work so a customer can go to their back yard gain peace by connecting with nature, or a gardener can pick luscious fruits and vegetables to nourish their family.

It is with deepest appreciation and honor that I thank each and every one of you for your faith in our products and our mission. My wish for you all is that you forget yesterday, as it already in the past. Don’t worry about tomorrow, it hasn’t happened yet. Show your GRATITUDE for today, you received a precious gift.

Take Care!