PalmGain Palm Tree Fertilizer

Palm Plant FertilizerDifferent species of plants have unique fertilizer requirements. Palm tree fertilizer, fern fertilizer, ixoras fertilizer, cycad fertilizer, and ornamentals fertilizer needs can all be cared for by one product, PalmGain 8-2-12 palm fertilizer. These attractive plants require a fertilizer which is a mixture of iron, nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, magnesium and other minerals and nutrients in high amounts. When properly fertilized, these plants will take on the radiant hues and luscious green, which signifies a healthy plant. PalmGain takes the mystery out of fertilizing these varieties of plants.

A palm tree has special needs and fertilizing too much or not enough can cause damage to the tree. Trees may not grow properly if they do not have adequate amounts of specific minerals and nutrients. When planting a palm tree, wait approximately 4 to 6 weeks, to make sure that water and soil are in balance and to avoid transplant shock. Care should be taken when fertilizing a palm tree, gently work the dry fertilizer into the soil away from the trunk and away from the delicate roots. The soil must be moist, not dry and the palm needs to be watered after the fertilizer is applied. A tree will exhibit various signs of illness, if it is deficient in any of the major chemical and nutritional elements. Using a well balanced palm tree fertilizer can eliminate these problems.

Stop going out to buy specialty fern fertilizer, ixoras fertilizer, cycad fertilizer, ornamental fertilizer and other treatments, when PalmGain will supply the perfect formula. Ferns, ixoras, cycad and other plants of this type have similar nutritional needs, the same as palms. Plants, which receive proper care, will thrive, but it is essential to understand their nutritional requirements. PalmGain can give plants the support needed to be healthy, with lush vegetation. When helping palms and plants with similar needs, trust the fertilizer, which will make them flourish.

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