All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer

Grow & Gain

Grow & Gain is an all-purpose liquid fertilizer that contains an ideal mix of nutrients and beneficial ingredients for your lawn, garden and trees.

The concentrated formula boosts the strength and maturity of both indoor and outdoor plants. This liquid fertilizercontains organic acids and chelated micronutrients that support plant nourishment, foliage health and flower growth.Grow & Gain’s spray fertilizer is easy to use and helps plants flourish by improving their absorption of nutrients, resistances and growth rate.The fast-acting liquid fertilizernourishes your plants’ roots, soil, stems, foliage, flowers and fruits. The gentle organic acids create a neutral environment in which your plants may flourish. These acids help with nutrient absorption while enriching the soil and improving water retention.Chelated micronutrients are essential to plant nourishment and are easier for all types of plants to absorb. The ingredients improve the soil and provide more efficient absorption of water and nutrients. By using this spray fertilizer for your vegetation needs, you will achieve healthy lawns, fruitful harvests, rich foliage, beautiful flowers and durable roots that mature quickly. Garden plants need treatment only once every two weeks, and trees thrive from monthly applications.

Grow & Gain all-purpose liquid fertilizer is available at popular retail stores like Home Depot and Costco. You can also purchase this beneficial all-purpose liquid fertilizer now from the convenient online shopping cart.