BGI Select Quick-Draining Soil

quick draining soilSoil is an important part of plant growth, and sometimes it is not given as much importance as it should. Quality of soil helps determine how the plant grows. Bougainvillea and other plants like cacti, bonsai trees, and even watermelons are all examples of xerophytic plants, with a low moisture requirement.

Well-drained soil allows water to be added to the pot, and is able to soak in evenly, and lets excess water flow easily from the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.  With that said, it is very important to keep the drainage holes clear at all times. One option is to place a few pebbles at the bottom of the pot, to ensure that the holes do not become congested with excess soil.  If you wish for your plant to grow, do not pot your xerophytic plant in a container with no holes.

Plants such as bougainvilleas that need excellent drainage, as well as to aerate their roots are perfect candidates for BGI’s Select Quick-Draining Soil. BGI’s Select Quick-draining soil is made to allow plant roots to breathe. These plants do not need to have a soil that absorbs a lot of water, on the contrary, too much water (or a waterlogged soil) will be damaging to the growth and progress of your succulent plants.

BGI Select Quick-Draining Soil is an all-natural mixture of pine bark, Canadian peat, Florida peat, and dolomite.

In order to drain well, soil should have large air spaces. Consistent moisture levels are important to maintain in order to help your plants grow. BGI’s Select Quick-Draining Soil drains soil well enough to avert the constant saturated effect but at the same time does not require its caretaker to water everyday.

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