The kids are going to be out of school soon if they aren’t already.  Let’s get your yard ready so that all you must do is get out there and play in it!

The Lawn

Your grass is going to grow quite a bit during rainy season.  You can help get it ready with aeration and fertilization.

There are a few ways to aerate your lawn; there are machines that you can rent that run much like a lawn mower, there are special attachments for your shoes if you want to include a little cardio with your aeration and, for some yards it might make sense to just use a pitch fork and make your holes. Your goal is to get a few inches down into the soil so that water and nutrients can make their way down to the roots of your lawn.

Next, get all the thatch cleaned up so it doesn’t clog up your newly punched holes. Lay down some slow release fertilizer (check out Landscapergain or Gardengain!) and let the summer rain and heat do the rest.  Be prepared to mow more frequently as these conditions are perfect for growth.

TIP:  It’s important to protect the health of your grass when you mow.  Most cultivars stay stress free at 3-4 inches tall.  Set your mower to the appropriate height to maintain that length.  Cutting the grass shorter than that may stress out the roots which will leave your lawn looking brown and tired.

The Landscape

This is also a great time to prune your trees and shrubs; and for those of us in hurricane prone areas, this is always recommended to prevent missiles in a storm! Semiannual pruning promotes growth and health. Look for the dead and bug or disease damaged limbs and branches and clear them off.

TIP: If you have any concerns about trimming too much or the healthiest way to trim your special trees or bushes check in with your local Extension office and share your concerns, they have horticulturists standing by to help because they love your garden as much as they love their own!

The Pests

While you are pruning, be on the lookout for pests that might try to make a summertime snack out of your favorite plants.  You can remove large bugs by hand and use a garden hose to spray back some smaller clusters.

TIP: Check out the link below for all-natural pest help!

Relax, It’s Time to Play!

Now that the hard stuff is done, put your beautiful lawn to use with these fun ideas:

1) Start a garden with the kids get some things in the ground that you can enjoy in the fall

Squashes, Corn, Melons, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, and Peppers are just some of the veggies that love the hot summer air

2) Build a bird bath

3) Pull out that kiddie pool and build a sandbox.  Let those little monsters get super dirty.  Go on your know you want to make a mud pie with them!

4) Get those kiddos to play tag, you got that grass looking good, now play in it!

Check out the websites below for some great ideas on how easy it is to get started on some of these ideas: