Simple Indicators of Orchid Health

We are all after magnificent, showy, vigorous, healthy plants!

Here are a few signs that your orchids are happy with your care:
  • They don’t get hungry. Stay on schedule with your applications. They don’t need a lot, but they do need food. A water-soluble formula is preferred, especially one designed for orchids, like Orchidgain. You will see an improvement in growth and vigor!
  • Roots are healthy, vigorously growing & dense. You should be able to pick up your plant by the top and it should hold onto the pot. Healthy roots are a key to success!
  • Leaves are erect or turgid and thick. If your orchid leaves appear dehydrated, you either have root disease or need to increase watering frequency.
  • Multiple bloom spikes indicate that you have done a tremendous job in providing all the needs of your plants. These buds are the goal and require a lot of energy by the plant. Multiple buds deserve an A+!
  • No insect or disease If this is the case, bravo in meeting the cultural needs of your orchid! Air movement is adequate, nutrition must be excellent, and if growth is vigorous, your plant can better withstand the pressure of various pests and diseases.
  • New growth. New vigorous growths, whether leaves, pseudobulbs, roots or canes are an excellent sign that your orchid is happy!

Remember, plants don’t have an immune system that can fight off bacteria and disease. Proper nutrition, vigorous growth, and correct cultural practices are your best line of defense.

Best of luck!