Fall Gardening is Here!

Fall Gardening is Here!

It’s September, which means fall gardening is here!  Not only am I looking forward to seeing color on my bougainvillea again, but I’m excited to start planting my cool weather vegetables like eggplant, spinach, and broccoli.  For those with vegetable gardens, preparing for fall gardening begins by:

  • Taking out any remaining veggie plants.
  • Thoroughly weeding your garden and yard.
  • Adding fresh soil, compost, or manures and turning and aerating the soil.
  • Introducing a new tribe of earthworms to your garden soil to help the enrichment process.

For bougainvillea, the first week in September should be the last time you prune or perform a hard cut.  Prepare your bougainvillea for shorter days and cooler nights by:

  • Beginning to cut down on the amount of water for your bougainvillea.  Less water, cooler and longer evening will induce flower bud set and help to enhance bract production – which means more color.
  • Water your bougainvillea when the top inch of the soil is dry, and then water only sparingly.
  • Once buds appear, water as needed, and apply Bougain fertilizer monthly.

For those living in zones 8 and below, prepare to bring your bougainvillea indoors.  Perform your last hard prune this month, and start to think about where you will keep your bougainvillea indoors.  Any space which doesn’t freeze will be fine for your bougainvillea while indoors.  Learn more about wintering over your bougainvillea on our website, so you’ll have a healthy bougainvillea plant for next Spring!