I miss the milkman! When I was young, and let’s not discuss how long ago that was, the Hart’s Dairy milkman came to our home once a week. He had this silly little refrigerated truck that I thought was magical because it was so cold inside. Every Tuesday morning he would show up at the house and I would jump up in the truck find my small carton of chocolate milk. During the holidays I could get eggnog! Then I would do my job and fill my mom’s order and get all the milk, buttermilk and cottage cheese we could consume in a week.
As a child it was just fun and neat, I never realized how much of a convenience it was for my mother. We lived on a small farm and a trip to the grocery store was at least 30 minutes one way. We shopped once a month and stored 4 weeks’ worth of groceries in the multiple freezers we had in our utility room. Mom would cook up a storm making sauces and soups and coordinating her menu plans for the upcoming month. We had a large family with 4 kids and we went through milk pretty quickly. Milk doesn’t last for a month, and where would you store enough for all those kids to drink anyway? That weekly visit really came in handy.
The world sure has changed. I don’t see any milkmen around anymore. We all work a lot of hours and we are busy running the kids to and from football practice or dance class. Some days I forget that I have run out of coffee or detergent or razor blades. Thankfully there are many companies offering subscription based services for items we use weekly or monthly. Most of them offer free shipping, and some of them even offer a discount too! I miss that funny little milk truck, but, having these items sent directly to my home gives me peace of mind. I never worry about running out. I am happy to work for a company that offers the same peace of mind for our customers. Try Blooming Buddies today!