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Blooming Buddies is BGI’s loyalty program for BGI customers who are serious about saving money and maximizing their purchasing power!

customerloyaltyWhen you join Blooming Buddies for just $39.99/yr, you get a FREE soil test kit/results every year. Once you’re an honorary Blooming Buddies Member, you’ll gain immediate access to our online shop, where we offer 4 fantastic subscription plans to choose from and of course, access to all your favorite BGI Fertilizers.

  • Free Annual Soil Test Kit + Results
  • 10% OFF Every Order
  • Free Gift w/ Every Order*
  • Expedited & Free Shipping*
  • Complete & Exclusive Online Access
  • First Notice on New Items
  • Companion Gardening Book*
  • VIP Customer Service
  • VIP Convenience

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