Bougainvillea Growers International Ships Bougainvillea Without Shattering

By PR News Wire
Dec. 12, 2008

The largest wholesale bougainvillea grower in the country, Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI), has discovered the secret to shipping bougainvillea by using a mix of proprietary bloom inhibitors in conjunction with a strict selection process. Located in Palm Beach County, BGI has been working for over fourteen years to address the problem of bougainvillea shattering, or dropping their colorful bracts, while in transit for days in an enclosed truck.

“This capability to ship retail-ready bougainvillea across the continent creates incredible opportunities for everyone. It is a treat for all of us, and also really fun to change the dynamics and paradigm of an old industry,” says Tom Scannell, owner of BGI. “We don’t just grow plants – we create beauty and joy in people’s lives!”

BGI’s shippable bougainvillea saves customers time and money because they are retail-ready as soon as they land. This eliminates weeks or even months previously needed in the Fall to re-grow new blooms in time for Spring. BGI also takes the worry out of whether they will be blooming in time for Mother’s Day. Now garden centers across the country can receive bougainvillea in full bloom and sell-out in the same week!

Many customers have already benefited from BGI’s shippable bougainvillea. Bell Nursery, a leading wholesale production nursery, became a customer after receiving a sample order to test the color retention. “The plants sat on my porch for a week and still kept its color after shipping,” said Mike McCarthy, co-owner, Bell Nursery. Even Canada is no longer out of reach for tropical bougainvillea. BGI’s newest customer, Salisbury Greenhouse in Alberta, Canada is over 3,000 miles from Florida, and one week by truck. “Plants arrived perfect after being on a truck for seven days,” said Rob Sproule, co-owner, Salisbury Greenhouse. “BGI has a problem on their hands – fulfilling future orders.”

Founded in 1994, BGI is the leader in wholesale bougainvillea production for the major chain “big box” stores, independently-owned garden centers, and landscape professionals. The company offers a wide range of bougainvillea products designed to bring beauty to the end consumer, including Bougain®, the only bougainvillea fertilizer on the market today. The largest online bougainvillea care resource can be found at their website