Since 1994, we at BGI  have been asking ourselves that very same question…until now.  In the Spring of 2008, BGI finally succeeded in preventing our bougainvillea from dropping its color and foliage for an astonishing seven days in an enclosed truck!  We did this by combining our extensive knowledge of growing bougainvillea with a mixture of proprietary bloom inhibitors.  Not only does BGI’s bougainvillea keep their beautiful color during shipping, but they also hold on to their color for weeks after landing.

What does this new discovery mean for our wholesale customers?  It means that bougainvillea no longer need to take up valuable greenhouse space in the Fall to “flush back out” in time for Spring.  BGI takes the worrying out of whether they will bloom in time for Mother’s Day.  With our new shippable bougainvillea, our wholesale customers receive bougainvillea looking as colorful and gorgeous as the day they were shipped.  Imagine receiving and selling retail-ready bougainvillea – the very same day!

Needless to say, the first season we offered our shippable bougainvillea was a record-breaking one. You may have already heard the buzz, but please take a moment to read what our customers are saying about our shatter-proof bougainvillea.  We look forward to amazing you with our colorful, shippable bougainvillea next Spring!

Shatter-Proof Bougainvillea
Shatter-Proof Bougainvillea

Customer Testimonials

“I can hardly believe it.  Someone has finally figured out how to ship bougainvillea with color.  My customers keep asking for more.”

– Farid Khalil, Mahoney’s, MA


“The plants sat on my porch for a week and still kept its color after shipping.”

– Mike McCarthy, Bell Nursery, MD


“Plants arrived perfect after being on a truck for 7 days.  I will let the entire co-op know about this.  BGI has a problem on their hands…fulfilling future orders!”

– Rob Sproule, Salisbury Greenhouse, Alberta Canada


“Plants arrived beautifully and kept all the blooms.  I’ve already sold half.”

– Mike Sewell, Shoal Creek Nursery, TX


“Plants arrived great.  It’s working – whatever you’re using.”

– Dan Johnston, TriState Foliage, OH