Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns

Hello world!

My name is Devan (Dev if were friends), and this is my very first blog. So, I thought we could start it off with a bit of honesty; especially seeing as you all don’t really know me, and you know, “I’m”, just words on a screen. So why not try to get a little more personal! That being said, I think this is a perfect introduction, let’s start:

To put myself in the most flattering light, I want to admit I may have some slight jealous issues…. it’s nothing like you think, I’m not chasing people down the street to get take their adorable coat, that would know doubt look fabulous on me, right off them. Nor am I incessantly whining because my neighbor’s pineapples ripened faster than mine. However, I am saving for that coat, and I’ve just given my pineapples a stern talking to!

Recently, I’ve seen this hyper popular trend floating around the internet, and it has my interest highly peaked. What bopping millennial trend is that you ask? Well, I’m glad you did! It’s none other than flower crowns, and I have to say, I totally dig them! I more than dig them. I. AM. OBSESSED! Who wouldn’t want to look like a nature goddess 24/7?

After a small amount of that jealously I spoke about, I shook it off and did a quick internet search. Turns out, I can make my very own crown easy peasy!

Needing very little in the way of supplies, I started with the following:

Floral tape
Floral wire
Fresh flowers
Cold water

Onto the instructions:

After gathering everything I needed, I immediately stuck my flowers in a vase with the recommended mix of Supergain. Supergain comes from totally organic, and plant-derived nutritional substances. For lack of a better description, it seriously acts like a Viagra to these flowers. I almost immediately saw the flowers perk to an even fuller bloom than before. I also use Supergain on plants that need an extra boost, with so many uses like root development, flowering, chlorophyll production, disease resistance, salt tolerance, etc. I can’t think of a reason to not use it! Plus, one 4oz bottle lasts me ages, which warms my cost-efficient heart.

1. Once my flowers look worthy of a queen’s crown, I cut them. Making my stem around 1.5 inches long

2. Taking the floral wire, I wrapped that around my entire head a few times. Make sure the wire is sturdy enough to hold the number of flowers you want to use in your crown!

3. I started with one of the flowers I wanted to put in the middle of the crown. Using the floral tape to attach the stem to the wire. I found it best to tape the flower at an angle

4. I continued to place other flowers behind the center flower until I had one side completed; following the same instruction as above.

5. I repeated the process for the other side by placing a flower next to my center flower (the heads of the flowers should be facing each other) and worked my way down that side of the wire.

Last one! 6. I finished by covering the exposed wire in the back with the floral tape. Then voilà! I felt instantly transformed into the goddess I always knew I was!

All I can say is: Dev digs it! Now get yourself one too!