Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

I talk to a lot of garden center owners and managers and lately what I’m hearing them say is they are offering dozens of plant food choices but customers are often coming back dissatisfied, looking for something more, something better, and something that will perform and show visual results.

I then pose the question; “If I could help you solve this problem and also create a high return on investment, would you be interested?”  Unless they just can’t stand the sight of me, the response is almost always an emphatic, “Of course!”

Provided the owner/manager has a few moments, I begin the conversation on a few specific advantages of BGI Premium Plant Foods and the plant food performance problem:


BGI products are developed and used by professional growers over years of trial and experience. The point here is, wouldn’t you want to give to your customer what the pros are using?  It’s that simple.  Professional growers use the best.  I want what the pros are using!  I want my plants to perform like Tiger!


Can man live on pizza and chips alone?

Well, maybe for a while but not very well, ugh. BGI products adhere to what academia calls “Liebig’s Law.” Justus Von Liebig was a 19th century German botanist who understood that growth potential is not determined by the total amount of resources available, but by the scarcest resource. Like man and pizza, plants need more than general, generic all-purpose cheap fertilizers. They lack many available essential minor and trace elements.  BGI Premium Plant Foods are species specific that provide all nutrients in the right proportions and available amounts.


The most satisfying comment I receive from a homeowner goes something like this; “My bougainvillea were, leggy, yellow and had no color.  I had given up hope and then I saw your fertilizer was specific to bougainvillea.  I decided to try one more time.  They greened up and started flowering! I was so happy – I can do this after all!”  I’m just saying, (IJS), this is definitely a return customer. I better shut up for now, because I can talk forever.  But, if Mr. or Mrs. Garden Center desires customer satisfaction and customer joy, improved return on investment and “comping” the register – take it from the pros like Tiger and Liebig, provide your clientele the tools to succeed and create a little joy and divine beauty in their lives!  Actually, I think that’s a pretty cool thing to do, don’t you?

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