Finding The Right Fertilizer For Roses Is Important

When you decide to grow roses, there are some important items that are necessary if you want your flowers to look beautiful and grow well. Roses are not difficult to grow, but they do need certain things if you want your rose garden to be a success. This includes regular pruning, the right products applied to keep bugs away, excellent soil and of course, a good fertilizer. A nutrient-rich fertilizer can mean the different between small, dull-looking roses and bright and beautiful petals and leaves. Fertilizers take care of the entire flower, from the bottom of the stem to the top of the highest petal, and ensure it is getting the nutrients it needs to grow strong and beautiful. At Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI), we offer fertilizers for all types of plants, including roses, and we only sell high-quality products that have been proven to be successful.

Types of Fertilizers Available

A fertilizer for roses can come in many forms, but most are granular that you simply sprinkle on the soil after you plant the roses themselves. Rose fertilizer is filled with the vitamins and minerals that roses need to grow and thrive, and it starts at the root of the plant so that the entire plant receives the nutrients it needs. At BGI, we specialize in Rosegain® fertilizer, which is a slow-release fertilizer that continues to feed the plants long after it is sprinkled on the soil. Rosegain® will never burn the plant when used as directed, and it produces abundant, long-lasting flowers. Developed by commercial growers, Rosegain® is an excellent choice that will never disappoint the rose-grower. It enables roses to grow bigger, brighter and faster than an all-purpose fertilizer..

We Offer More Than Just Rose Fertilizer

Fertilizer for roses is not our only product, however. At BGI, we specialize in all types of fertilizers for different types of plants, including hibiscus, palm trees, tomatoes, citrus plants and orchids. We also offer several excellent products that are good for many different types of food and flower plants, including trees, shrubs, house plants and many more. In addition, we offer a loyalty program that rewards you for your purchases and allows discounts on future purchases, starting with a free test of your soil every year so that you can know the health status of your soil before you plant anything.

For over 20 years, BGI has been offering specialized fertilizers of the highest quality, and we are constantly improving both our products and our loyalty program. Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial landscaper, or a business owner who has a full-time gardener, choosing BGI products is smart and inexpensive, and is guaranteed to produce the best-looking plants you’ve ever seen.