Summer Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips

 For passionate gardeners, there’s no better way to enjoy the beauty of summer than attending to essential gardening tasks. These 8 summer gardening tips can help extend the summer season and ensure that your garden looks great year round.

1. Water, water everywhere 

Water evaporates quickly in the dog days of summer, especially during mid-day. Water lawns and flowers beds early in the morning to give the vital moisture time to reach thirsty roots.

2. Mow lawns strategically

Raise the cutting height on your lawnmower. Longer blades of grass help keep the roots cooler on hot summer days. Cut grass in the cool of the evening to give the lawn time to recover.

3. Keep weeds at bay

It’s much easier to control weeds by pulling them out as soon as they appear than by tugging at them later after they’ve establish a strong root system.

4. Sharpen your pruning skills

A little time spent making a few artful cuts to shape a bougainvillea bush, trellis or tree can reward you with more flowers and thicker foliage. See our tips on cutting, pruning and pinching.

5. Convert clippings into mulch

Give young plants a bit of love with a mulch made of grass clippings from your lawn. Just make sure that the clippings are free of weeds and seeds.

6. Start composting

Another use for lawn clippings is to start a compost heap. Layer the clippings with soil and leftover vegetative waste from your kitchen. After a few months of decomposition, the matter will be transformed into nutrient-rich compost.

7. Stay on top of pest patrol

Keep on the lookout for damaging aphids. The tiny pests are easy enough to spray off with a hose if you catch them while their populations are small. Take a look at our guides to common pests and diseases!

8. Plant Summer flowers

Perennials, annuals, from seeds to liners, start planting!

You’ve no doubt earned your share of summer relaxation, so be sure to take time to sit back, breathe and take in the beautiful effects of your hard work!