Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 2017

Hppy Earth Day!

As Earth Day approaches and we make another pass around the sun I am encouraged and hopeful that we are all taking notice of the things we can do for Mother Earth and future generations. In my industry, there are many opponents to inorganic fertilizers. And the stigma placed on what we do can be frustrating at times…I recently watched an old documentary about fertilizer use and a scientist was explaining that large Agricultural companies were using fertilizers that focused on N-P-K only. As a result, they would soon experience the pitfalls of not focusing on complete nutrition, like disease and pests which are directly related to poor nutrition.

Take this stigma a step further and you’ll hear proponents of organic only fertilizer programs tell you that the soil in an inorganic fertilizer program is unhealthy and making you sick.  What they don’t tell you is how much you have to spend to keep your organic garden pest and disease free and how much work has to go into such a program to keep it completely organic. What they could talk about is that by utilizing the 4Rs (Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place) you too can uphold the stewardship with many global organizations, grow healthy fruits and vegetables and beautiful flowering plants, save money and time all while  using inorganic fertilizers!

We care very much about the earth and our customers. Something everyone needs to know is that inorganic does not mean unnatural!  It simply means that it doesn’t come from a carbon-based source. BGI fertilizers, for instance, focus on all the necessary nutrients to help plants grow to their full potential, and since we focus on the “species” we make sure there isn’t anything you don’t need in the blend. You can use teaspoons of inorganic fertilizers instead of cups of organic fertilizers. Scientists have discovered that mycorrhizzae as a soil amendment can help maintain the health of the soil and make your nutrition program more effective, and it is available in the marketplace today for the consumer.  What I am trying to say is that you can save money year-round, have great results and still be earth conscious!

Just a little “plant” food for thought!

Joanna ☀️