Propagation of Bougainvillea

The Bougainvillea is a type of plant that is originally found in South America. The region this plant is found in stretches from parts of Brazil to Peru and to the south of Argentina. There are between 4 to 10 different species of the Bougainvillea. The plant was first discovered by Europeans in the late 1700s and has become a bit of a fascination since then. People are always trying to see how they can succeed with bougainvillea plant propagation. If you are serious about learning about how to propagate bougainvillea, then you need to learn a bit more about the plant itself.

The plant is quite thorny and can be as little as 1 meter in height or 10 meters, depending on how it grows and where it grows. It is a very spiky plant and it actually has an odd black goo that is inside its thorns. When there is a lot of rain the bougainvillea can be quite green but if there is little rain, then they become quite bare. The plant has a very tiny white flower that is about 10 cm long and 5 cm in breadth. The base color is white with tiny clusters surrounding it in colors of pink, purple, red, orange, or even yellow.

The Bougainvillea plant is always in danger of having worms or snails around it as they use the plant as food. Countries such as Pakistan, India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and parts of Europe are perfect areas for bougainvillea propagation. Even warmer parts of the United States have been known for their bougainvillea propagation.

A lot of the bougainvillea that you see today is actually the byproduct of breeding done with various species of the plant. Three of these species are regularly brought together for breeding. These are hybrid bougainvillea and it can be hard to tell where they came from originally.

If you are wondering about how bougainvillea can be propagated, then you should know that they require dry, fertile soil. They can grow very quickly or very slowly, depending on what type of bougainvillea the plant is. You need to expose the plant to a lot of sunlight if you want it to grow properly. It also requires plenty of fertilization. Only when the plant has fully formed does it not need as much water as before. Do not over water the plant once it has formed, as it will cause the leaves to wilt away or the whole plant may die from decay. These are the important things you need to know while propagating bougainvillea.