Creating Beauty in Landscape through Companion Planting

Creating Beauty in Landscape through Companion Planting

One of our goals at BGI is to create “Beauty in Landscape.”  One of the way to create beauty while also being environmentally friendly is to consider Companion Planting. Companion Planting is the practice of planting different types of vegetable or flowering plants beside each other that enhance or support each other’s yield potential. Companion Planting can also be beneficial in aiding to pest control and the overall health of your plants. Just be sure to do your research. Not every plant likes their neighboring plant and some plants may compete for the available resources.


Some winning combinations include:

  • Garlic and Roses – Garlic will repel garden pets away from your roses allowing them to reach full blooming potential
  • Basil and Tomatoes – Basil will improve a tomato’s yield potential and taste. Plus, basil can aid in providing pest control from mosquitoes and flies
  • Sage and Cabbage – Sage can aid in the pest control of moths and has also been known to support in the attraction of beneficial insects such as bees
  • Sunflowers and Corn – Not only can a sunflower increase the yield potential of corn but the sunflower’s prickly vine can provide pest control of insects and other small rodent predators

Before you start your gardening, we suggest that you do a soil test to make sure you unlock the true potential of a successful garden or landscape. A soil test will confirm the deficiency or in some cases a toxicity problem. It can also indicate potential pH problems, where adequate nutrients might be in the soil but are unavailable. In the region of South Florida, even though soil nutrient levels may be adequate, Iron and Manganese still are often the deficiency culprits. Because soil testing is such a significant practice in our customer’s success, starting this Spring, BGI will offer a complete soil testing service with recommendations for customers.

Also, to help you create “Beauty in Landscape” we also suggest the use of our species-specific GAIN fertilizers and products such as BOUGAIN®, TOMATOGAIN® and ROSEGAIN®.  Our GAIN family fertilizers and other quality products have gone through extensive research to provide an environmentally friendly product that can produce quick results and a higher-yielding plant.