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BGI Select ® Quick-Draining Soil is an all-natural mixture of pine bark, Canadian peat, Florida peat, and dolomite. This specially blended soil mixture was created by Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI) – the world’s largest producer of bougainvillea, and is ideal for bougainvillea and other plants requiring excellent drainage. Used exclusively by BGI for all their potted bougainvillea, and also by landscapers in the know. Now you too can care for your bougainvillea like the professionals!

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Growing Tips

After potting or planting, apply Bougain® Bloom Boost, and water thoroughly to remove any air pockets. Water regularly 3-4 times per week until established. Generally, plants that require quick-draining soil prefer to remain on the drier side, so limit waterings to only “as needed” after well-established.

Planting Tips

  1. Select a sunny, well-draining location.
  2. Dig a whole three times as wide, and as deep as the pot.
  3. Gently place plant in the hole. Careful not to disturb the roots.
  4. If your bougainvillea plant is in a pot 7 gallons or larger, BGI recommends planting in the nursery pot. Cut out the bottom of the pot before planting.
  5. Add mix; press lightly.
  6. Water to remove any air pockets.

For maximum color on your bougainvillea, use BOUGAIN® after each blooming cycle.

Created by BGI, Bougain® is high in micronutrients, and specially formulated for the distinct growing needs of bougainvillea!