BGI introduces SuperGain Plant Food Supplement

Article featured in Southwest Florida Business Today

SUPERGAIN-4oz-0Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI), a Southwest Florida-based manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers, plant foods and plant food supplements, introduces SuperGain, a new-to-market natural and organic-based plant food supplement designed for all types of vegetation, including ornamental plants, interior plants, turf, trees, vegetables, fruits and citrus. BGI was founded in 1994 as a five-acre bougainvillea nursery in Boynton Beach, Florida that grew to more than 67 acres. After growing more than 30 varieties of bougainvillea, BGI expanded to St. James City in 2006. In 2012, BGI embarked on a new venture to focus on producing and distributing GAIN fertilizers and products, which include species-specific varieties such as BouGain, HibisGain and PalmGain. BGI’s GAIN fertilizers are sold online, in Home Depot stores and at home and garden centers throughout the U.S.

SuperGain is an organic-based, premium plant performance activator that contains more than 400 natural, beneficial plant-based supplements designed to activate specific physiological capabilities in both indoor and outdoor plants such as root development, flowering and drought resistance. The use of SuperGain on agronomic crops has been shown to lead to double-digit percentage yield increases. SuperGain is food-quality formulated and safe to use on vegetables and fruits, and it is available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles that can be applied in a foliar spray or soil drench mix. SuperGain is now available at Home Depot stores, local home and garden centers and online at and Prices for SuperGain start at less than $10 for a 4 oz. bottle.

“With SuperGain, we’ve developed an easy-to-use and inexpensive plant food supplement that acts on plants at the genetic level to improve their root development, chlorophyll production, drought and salt tolerance, and most importantly, yield and appearance,” said Tom Scannell, owner and founder of BGI. “We’ve used the combination of multiple patented products, deep international research and decades of growing experience to design a product that can safely and effectively help you grow bigger, lusher, higher-yielding plants.”

Scannell, who holds a degree in soil science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, began his career growing cotton and rice in the Mississippi Delta before moving to Florida, where he became a master bougainvillea grower in the southeastern U.S.

“As we worked to cultivate beautiful, lush bougainvillea, BGI developed a fertilizer specifically designed to tackle the unique nutritional and environmental challenges posed by bougainvillea cultivation,” said Scannell. “Our first fertilizer product, BouGain, was an instant success with bougainvillea growers.”

BGI offers the highest quality products to landscape professionals, including architects, designers and contractors. BGI products are used at Busch Gardens, Disney World and the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. BGI is headquartered at 7401 Stringfellow Rd. in St. James City, Florida, and the BGI manufacturing facility is located at 1221 S.E. 9th Terrace in Cape Coral, Florida. For more information on BGI, visit or call 561-374-9216.

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