Like Popeye eating his spinach to endure any beating from Brutus, acquire super strength and save Olive oil, Supergain is the supercharged supplement for your garden, turf, veggies, flowers and ornamentals!

Supergain is a 21st century technology utilizing multiple proprietary ingredients that actually affects the plant at the genetic level. Supergain is not a fertilizer. It is a highly concentrated “Plant performance activator.” Using “Gene chip” technology to map gene sequences and “Bio-informatics” to measure gene expression, the compounds in Supergain are able to up regulate specific plant genes that enhance quality and vigor in ornamental, turf and agronomic crops.

Research scientists have isolated hundreds of plant derived organic compounds and molecules that augment physiological activities through gene expression; i.e. the ability to turn specific genes on and off. Examples include increasing chlorophyll production, reductase production, enhanced nutrient uptake and translocation, increased drought tolerance, salt tolerance, increased photosynthesis and inflorescence.

Like Popeye eating his dark leafy greens, Supergain use on agronomic crops have shown double digit percentage yield increases. Supergain is truly and example of a new era in plant health and physiology. This is not 1950’s World Fair technology.

This is not snake oil, and there are many snake oils out there. The measurable and visual results of this product in plant vigor, yield, and growth are truly spectacular! I have never seen anything like it.

Supergain is a naturally derived plant biostimulant, and I challenge you to try it. Supergain is magic and a miracle worker. It is new to me, and I have raised crops commercially for 35 years. So if you want your veggies, your flowers, and your grass to become world class performance athletes in the flora arena, try Supergain today, and behold the beauty! And it makes that garden and lawn so much more rewarding and fun.

P.S. Eat more spinach!

Take care,