GROW & GAIN® Plant Food Mist, 16 Ounce, All Purpose Liquid Plant Food

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GROW & GAIN® Plant Food Mist is a Ready-To-Use all-purpose liquid plant food particularly formulated for use on all types of indoor and outdoor plants. It is an exceptional fertilizer for herbs, houseplants, container plants, and more. The Nitrogen makes plants grow sturdily, mature rapidly, increases foliage and stem growth, and produces rich, dark green foliage. Phosphates encourage root growth, stronger roots, hasten maturity, and increase plant hardiness. Potassium aids in producing flowers and fruits, promotes healthy green lawn grass, and helps plants use water and resist drought, building up plant resistance.

GROW & GAIN® also contains important chelated micronutrients and organic acids. Chelated minors are more readily available to the plant and not as easily leeched as non-chelated minors. Organic acids help to grow stronger, healthier plants. They increase nutrient absorption, enhance soil structure, increase moisture retention which decreases plant stress, increase caliper size and root growth, and increase fertilizer efficiency. Grow & Gain is very acid (low pH – 1.69) and helps neutralize alkaline water and soil, and unlock iron and other micronutrients – making them available to the plant.

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